The Team

The Team

Dedicated to wild fish conservation

Our experienced and enthusiastic team is committed to the protection of wild fish and their habitats.

  • Nick Measham - Wildfish
  • Dr. Janina Gray - Wildfish
  • Rachel Mulrenan - Wildfish
  • Lauren Harley - Wildfish
  • Dr. Matt Palmer - Wildfish
  • Immy O’Keeffe - Wildfish
  • James Overington - Wildfish
  • Daniel Nixon - Wildfish
  • Dr. Sam Green - Wildfish
  • Guy Linley-Adams - Wildfish
  • Ursula Lewis - Wildfish
  • Kim Sargeant - Wildfish
  • Andrew Graham-Stewart - Wildfish
  • Paul Knight - Wildfish
  • Debbie Creasy - Wildfish

Favourite Freshwater Species?

Atlantic Salmon

Nick leads the WildFish team. He feels strongly that evidence is key to influencing Governments and the regulatory bodies responsible for protecting wild fish. Nick’s obsession with water and fishing began when he was nine. He has been passionate about wild fish populations ever since. Nowadays, though, it is almost enough simply to know the fish are there.

Favourite Freshwater Species?

Grayling below the water, Kingfisher above!

Janina joined WildFish in 2007. Her priority is to protect and restore water environments and their wildlife for everyone to enjoy. Previously, Janina completed a PhD in hydroclimatic variation impacts on salmon populations. With 15 year’s experience working in water policy, Janina and her team use scientific evidence and the law to drive change.

Favourite Freshwater Species?

Atlantic Salmon

Rachel’s focus is the farmed salmon campaign at WildFish. She also coordinates the organisation’s wider work across Scotland. A trained journalist, Rachel has spent the past five years campaigning for greater sustainability across a number of industries, from fashion to food.

Favourite Freshwater Species?

Freshwater Pearl Mussel

Lauren heads up our SmartRivers volunteers. She uses citizen-science to generate data with policy relevance that can drive real improvements to the quality of water flowing through our rivers. With a flair for creativity, Lauren also leads on asset design and construction to deliver scientific content in an accessible way.

Favourite Freshwater Species?

Atlantic Salmon

Matt campaigns for a ban of open-net salmon farming in Scotland. His objective is to increase industry and public awareness about the environmental and welfare issues associated with the production of farmed salmon. Matt’s love of fish conservation was born when he completed his master’s degree in aquatic veterinary studies. Animal welfare is Matt’s priority.

Favourite Freshwater Species?


Immy joined WildFish in 2021 after spending 14 years working in marketing and communications across a variety of rural and environmentally focussed sectors. A chartered marketer, Immy combines evidence and data with visual storytelling to deliver communication and fundraising strategies that raise the profile of wild fish conservation.

Favourite Freshwater Species?

Water Crowfoot

James gathers evidence to engage with policy makers. He also reviews legislation in its capacity to provide adequate protection to our freshwater environments. His fascination with fish began at a young age. Following degrees in Ecology, Politics and Law, James now utilises this deep-rooted interest to lobby for better protection for wild fish.

Favourite Freshwater Species?


Building a strong evidence base is Daniel’s focus. He researches the latest scientific data for water quality issues such as pollution and open-net salmon farming to support our campaign teams. Daniel’s love for the environment stems from an early age and was fostered growing up close to the beautiful yet fragile waterways of the Lake District National Park.

Favourite Freshwater Species?

Brown Trout and Northern Pike!

Sam is our resident freshwater ecologist. He analyses and interprets data from our SmartRivers hubs to support local activism and national campaigning. Sam’s love for the natural world comes from a childhood spent on or by the rivers of South East England. Safeguarding our watery places is Sam’s priority.

Favourite Freshwater Species?

The great diving beetle

Guy is our in-house solicitor. Formerly Head of Legal at Fish Legal, he trained initially in natural sciences and environmental technology before converting to law. With over 30 years of experience, Guy has dealt with successive Governments and various regulators on water pollution and conservation matters.

Favourite Freshwater Species?


Ursula runs our fundraising events. She draws on over 25 years’ experience in marketing and communications to research and develop alternative avenues of revenue for WildFish. This includes grant applications, partnership development and key donor relations.

Favourite Freshwater Species?

Three Spined Stickleback

Kim has been with WildFish since 2020, overseeing all the administrative functions in the virtual office. She directly handles all membership matters such as new members, renewals & account updates. If you have a membership question, she’s your contact! Also, direct any administrative issues you have her way and she’d be happy to help you.

Favourite Freshwater Species?

Freshwater pearl mussel

Andrew has been an integral part of the WildFish team since 2012. In his most recent role he provides consultancy to our team in Scotland with a primary focus on counteracting the devastating impacts of salmon farming.

Favourite freshwater species:

Atlantic Salmon

Paul is co-chair of the NGOs at the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organisation (NASCO), an inter-government forum dealing with international salmon concerns. Paul also advises Nick and the wider WildFish team over UK fisheries issues.

Favourite freshwater species


Debbie has worked for WildFish for over 30 years in Membership and Administration. Just recently, Debbie scaled back her work commitment and is now working part time as our Accounts Administrator.

Trustees & Leadership


  • Victor Beamish
  • Clement Booth
  • Simon Browne
  • Neil Cooper
  • Steve Edge
  • Bill Hicks (Chairman)
  • Tarquin Millington-Drake
  • Bill Sandford
  • Angela Webb
  • Philip Studd
  • Robert Hollis
  • Carl Sayer
  • Ian Cowx
  • Philip Chessum
  • Digby Flower
  • Lucy Mantle

Vice presidents

  • Feargal Sharkey
  • Matthew Wright
  • Stuart Crofts
  • Paul Proctor
  • Jack Perks
  • Andy Majerus

Executive Vice Presidents

  • Richard Bronks
  • Anthony Bird
  • George Westropp
  • Anthony Bostock MBE
  • David Rowley

Life Vice President appointed for outstanding contributions to WildFish

  • Governor, the Honourable the Irish Society
  • Mrs KCR Howman MBE MIFM
  • The Rt Hon Lord Marnoch LLD

Legal Advisor

  • Guy Linley-Adams

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