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Your legacy can help secure a future for wild fish. A future in which people and the natural environment can flourish together.

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How gifts in wills help

In the UK, 13% of freshwater species face risk of extinction. With your help we can continue to protect wild fish from the pressures that threaten their survival: pollution, fish farming and climate change.

Our work is possible thanks to the support of people who leave us a legacy.

They have helped us to:

  • Fund research and gather scientific evidence
  • Lobby Governments
  • Challenge water policies and regulation


Our legacy promise

We recognise the importance of this type of donation and make the following promise:

  • You and your family will be treated in a respectful and considerate manner
  • Your legacy donation will be used in accordance with your wishes
  • We will always respect your wishes and decisions
  • We will always respect your privacy
  • We understand that circumstances change. There may be a time when you need to take WildFish out of your Will. This is your choice, and we respect it

Legacy story

Christopher Hands: a legacy for Scotland and England

Christopher Hands lived in Scotland and was a member of Salmon & Trout Conservation (now WildFish) for many years. When he died, Christopher left two gifts in his Will to support our work in Scotland and England. We are very grateful to Christopher for thinking of us and for such generosity.

Christopher’s gift to Scotland has been put to work in our lobbying of the Scottish Government over open-net fish farming in Scotland and its harm to wild fish.

His gift to England was used in holding the Environment Agency to account with regard to pesticides being discharged into the River Itchen in Hampshire.


“Our rivers and their inhabitants are a crucial part of wild Britain. They play a key role in our fragile ecosystem and we support WildFish one of few champions and protectors of these threatened habitats.”
Declan Morrison
Founder of Fera

Leaving a gift in your will

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    How we spend your money

    We work hard to keep UK waters wild without the use of public money. Every bit of our success is a product of your passion and support.



    Your money helps us to understand the health of fresh water around the UK. Armed with data and results we can help local groups target efforts to protect and restore rivers.



    Everything we do is grounded in evidence. Your support allows us to ensure our campaigns are led by the latest science and the law.



    Your support funds the work of our dedicated team who campaign to reverse the decline of fresh water and wild fish populations.