"There’s an urgency, an informed passion, a clarity of purpose about WildFish that I trust. Our threatened waters and all that swim in them need such friends."
Mark Wormald, Lecturer and Author
"Our rivers and their inhabitants are a crucial part of wild Britain. They play a key role in our fragile ecosystem. We support WildFish who are one of few champions and protectors of these threatened habitats."
Declan Morrison, Founder of Fera
"Wild fish are a key indicator of the health of our wild at large and the news is too often not good. We support WildFish as they are a rare group of people working relentlessly to improve these habitats and their inhabitants."
Sidney Hiscox, Founder of Fera
"Finally wild fish have found a voice. It is a voice of authority and independence, a voice free of the tawdry shackles of water industry and government funding. A voice that has already proved it can hold both legislators and regulators to account. It is a voice for the future and a voice that has my full and enthusiastic support."
Feargal Sharkey, Singer and Campaigner
"If the decline in numbers of wild fish continues we will soon be speaking of salmon in our rivers as a thing of the past. WildFish campaigned tirelessly to preserve and protect waterways and the species that live in them. Their persistence is vital if we are to protect wild fish in the future."
Robbie Hollis, Trustee
"Freshwater fish are the underdogs of British fauna. Out of sight and out of mind, they face a plethora of challenges. Not afraid to stand up and be counted, WildFish is an organisation I'm incredibly proud to support. Not just for the salmonids but all fish and river life that benefit from their work."
Jack Perks, Wildlife filmmaker and photographer
"The toxic pressures on our waterways have never been greater but it is not impossible nor too late to improve this situation. WildFish is committed to doing everything possible to make a difference and is fighting for our seas and rivers on many levels: in the political arena, in law and in the wider court of public opinion."
Matthew Wright, Television Personality
"My work training SmartRivers volunteers is incredibly rewarding. I see the huge enthusiasm it generates and the new skills it provides to people who really care about the health of rivers. SmartRivers data provides a wealth of information on a variety of potential pressures facing rivers."
Roger Owen, SmartRivers trainer and former Head of Ecology at SEPA
"Many rivers may look cleaner than they did during the Industrial Revolution but they are anything but carrying plastics as well as chemicals invisible to the human eye but nevertheless capable of smothering out life wherever they accumulate. Change has to come and WildFish are leading the way."
Matthew Wright, Television Personality

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