Our Successes

Our Successes

A charity since 2008

WildFish is committed to the conservation of freshwater fish species and their habitats. Here are our recent achievements:


Office for Environmental Protection announce investigation of sewage pollution in English rivers

Following a complaint by WildFish, the Office for Environmental Protection announced (June 2022) an investigation into The Secretary of State for the Environment, Ofwat and the Environment Agency. The OEP will explore their failures to comply with relevant environmental law duties relating to untreated sewage discharge into English rivers by water companies.


Forced change to Farming Rules for Water

WildFish force change to how Farming Rules for Water will be enforced to protect English rivers. WildFish forced a change in guidance which would have encouraged farmers unlawfully to apply slurries and manures to their land, in excess of the needs of the soil or crops on that land


SmartRivers Volunteer Programme

SmartRivers is a WildFish volunteer-led river sampling programme. Volunteers sample aquatic invertebrates as indicators of water quality. In 2021, the network of volunteer hubs sampling in England, Scotland and Wales reached 24 rivers, sampling 143 river sites.


First complaint to the OEP submitted

WildFish submits their first complaint to the Office of Environmental Protection (OEP). This complaint challenges the failure of Ofwat and Secretaries of State to enforce the law and protect English rivers from sewage pollution.



Salad washing plant at Alresford closed

In late 2020 Bakkavör announces they are closing their salad washing plant at Alresford on the Upper Itchen. This follows continued pressure from WildFish about the pesticide pollution in their discharge, which impacts the ecology downstream.



Closure of English Salmon Netting in Northeast England

Over almost 40-years, WildFish contributes to political lobbying that leads to the Fisheries Minister announcing a closure of English Salmon Netting in Northeast England in 2019. Compulsory release of all salmon caught in coastal T&J nets is announced at the same time.

“WildFish campaign tirelessly to preserve and protect waterways and the species that live in them”.

Robbie Hollis


Parliamentary inquiry into salmon farming

The formal petition, submitted by WildFish, to the Scottish Parliament in 2016 triggers a Parliamentary Inquiry into the salmon farming industry. Conducted by two committees, it sets out to consider a reform of open-net salmon farming while highlighting the industry’s impact on wild salmon and sea trout.


Petition for regulation of open-net salmon farming

WildFish submits a formal petition to the Scottish Parliament for tighter regulation of open-net salmon farming and limit harm to wild fish.


Development of phosphorus discharge limits

WildFish in-river phosphate sampling leads to the development of new phosphorus discharge limits for watercress farms.

“Finally wild fish have found a voice. A voice of authority & independence, free of the tawdry shackles of water industry and government funding”

Feargal Sharkey
Singer and Campaigner


Coastal netting stations in Scotland closed

WildFish campaigning to The Scottish Government played a pivotal role in this closure. A significant success for wild Scottish salmon and sea trout conservation.

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WildFish challenges the Forestry Commission

WildFish challenges the Forestry Commission’s use of cypermethrin and the legal basis for the derogation. The use of the chemical wasn’t stopped, but was only granted for three years (instead of five) meaning alternatives to minimise the impact on salmon and trout spawning streams are accelerated.

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