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We need you to act. Please write to your MP and demand we keep and enforce the Farming Rules for Water to help protect our rivers and their wildlife. 

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Healthy rivers need strong foundations

To protect rivers from the impact of farming we need to restore a comprehensive monitoring network and invest in environmental regulators.

The current rules and regulations are far from perfect, but without them our rivers face an unprecedented threat from further intensification of farming. Water quality will deteriorate, and the decline of wild fish populations will accelerate. 

Baseline regulations designed to protect rivers from the impacts of farming are at threat.

Farming Rules for Water

These were brought into effect in 2018 at a time when the European Commission was threatening to take the UK to the European Court over its failure to deal with diffuse agricultural pollution and protect rivers. 

Land Management Schemes

These schemes were introduced to replace the old single farm payments and pay farmers to deliver good environmental outcomes such as clean rivers. 


Through our SmartRivers citizen science projects, we have an army of people who can help protect our rivers.

But, the government needs to take the lead and establish a strong foundation for these projects to build on. This needs baseline regulations like the Farming Rules for Water.

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