Farmed salmon is an unsustainable menu choice

Off the table calls on chefs, restaurants, and the wider hospitality sector to pledge to stop serving farmed salmon.

We need your help to raise public awareness of the damaging impacts of Scottish farmed salmon on our wild salmon, sea trout and wrasse populations.

What can you do?

Regulators, certification bodies and salmon producers have resisted change, despite the clear evidence to support our call – you can help.

Owned almost exclusively by international corporations, Scottish farmed salmon has been marketed as a sustainable and responsibly farmed food.

The reality is that this industry is wreaking havoc on our wild fish and aquatic ecosystems - contributing to the 70% decline of wild Atlantic salmon over the last 20 years in the UK.

Through 'Off the table' we are bringing together world renowned chefs, restaurants, NGOs, journalists, and conservationists to take farmed salmon off the menu.

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Support like yours allows our determined campaigning team to fight the destruction caused by open-net salmon farming, pollution and over-abstraction

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