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Act now to keep water in rivers.

Water companies don’t want you to know how much water comes from your river to meet supply demands. Click the link below to contact your local MP and ask: where is my water coming from?


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Failing to secure resilient water supplies comes at a significant price to nature and wildlife.

England is not prepared for drought.

The draft data in the map below shows the predicted water supply deficit England would experience if we suffered a baseline drought (the industry’s baseline drought has a 1 in 500 year severity). The data covers the next 25 years and is based on zero intervention by water companies.

What is driving the shift from water surplus to deficit?

Water supplies are coming under increasing pressure from climate change, population growth and changes to abstraction licenses.

Underinvestment in water supply infrastructure means the water industry is over reliant on removing cheap water from rivers and lakes. Water companies vitally need to invest in alternative water sources such as reservoirs and desalination.

What is the result of water deficit?

Water supply deficits, resulting from poorly managed water resources, have the capacity to harm the environment and reduce the public’s access to water.

In 2022, two of South West Water’s Water Resource Zones were faced with supply deficits. In response, South West Water was granted six drought permits. These permits resulted in the removal of over nine billion litres of extra water from waterbodies in the South West. This could have significant ecological ramifications. Customers in these areas faced a reduced level of service due to Temporary-Use Bans.

Water companies are hiding the truth...

...and we won't stand for it. Water companies set out how demand will be met in Water Resources Management Plans. The latest round of these are opaque and misleading. In fact, many people don’t even know that they can respond to them. We're pushing back.

Evidence Led

We’ve done our homework. Our report ‘England is not prepared for drought’ reveals that the current water supply is unable to meet public demand in times of extreme drought.

National Action

Supported by 37 leading environmental groups, we’ve written to the Secretary of State asking for water companies to provide clearer information about how they plan to secure an adequate water supply to meet demand.

Local Support

We’ve prepared a letter for you to email to your local MP. Contact them today and ask: where is my water coming from? Click here to contact your MP.

The demand for water and the environmental consequences.

Water companies have failed to invest in supply solutions, such as reservoirs, to meet growing population demand and address the issue of climate change. Instead, they plan to take water from already stressed river systems to meet demand. What needs to change?

Transparency of Information
Water companies need to produce Water Resource Management Plans that can be easily understood and allow the reader to make informed decisions.

Water Supply Solutions
We must fast-track the development of water supply solutions if we are serious about protecting nature and wildlife. We cannot continue to rely on rivers.

Government Action
The Government needs to commit to water neutral zones in areas of severe water shortage. In these areas, additional development must not increase the area’s demand for water.

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