2022 Chalk Stream Restoration Implementation Plan

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Image caption: the River Itchen, a chalk stream in Southern England.

Today, the Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) group, including WildFish, released its 2022 Chalk Stream Restoration Implementation Plan.

Set to be an annual publication, it considers progress against the recommendations set out in the Chalk Stream Restoration Strategy published in October 2021.

The report show good progress in some areas but disappointingly no progress in others.

A year on from the publication of the Chalk stream Implementation plan it’s clear far more needs to be done, especially in actioning the overarching recommendation for priority designation for all chalk streams.

Janina Gray

Deputy CEO, WildFish


Janina went on to say: “Chalk streams and their unique populations of salmon are running out of time. We hope this annual review process makes it clear to government and its regulators there’s nowhere to hide. This cannot be another plan which sits on the shelf. We expect action not just words, or we will lose these precious habitats on our watch”.

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