Suffocating in chemicals and sewage: wild fish don’t have a choice.

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Wild fish rely on clean, plentiful water to survive.

WildFish is delighted that water-based sports are getting behind the clean water campaign with the introduction of the Clean Water Alliance but let’s not forget that rivers are first and foremost a natural environment for wild fish and other water-dependent wildlife. 

UK fish populations are facing their biggest challenge yet, trapped in waters that are devastated by pollution and unable to move freely within their habitat, thanks to barriers that inhibit their migration. Fresh water species are declining faster than any other and the remarkable Atlantic salmon is now endangered in UK waters. 

WildFish campaigns to reverse the decline of wild fish populations and their habitats. Calling for urgent change to how wild fish and their habitats are protected by enforcing the regulations that should prevent harm from pollution and removing barriers that inhibit their migration, WildFish strives for fresh and coastal waters that are clean, healthy and full of life. 

Nick Measham, chief executive at WildFish, said: “Action from water-based sports to clean up UK rivers is welcome but we mustn’t lose sight of the reason why our rivers, lakes and streams need to be restored and protected. Recreational river users enter the water through choice.

For our wild fish populations, there is no escape – as the state of rivers continues to decline they remain trapped in waters that are unfit for anything or anyone.


Follow the link below for more information about our campaigns to protect wild fish and their waters.

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