Critical need for more water supply infrastructure to help protect Hampshire’s chalk streams

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A Temporary Use Ban (formerly hosepipe ban) is being introduced for all Southern Water customers in Hampshire and the Isle Of Wight from Friday 5th August.

With these bans just around the corner, the critical need for more water supply infrastructure has never been clearer. Without it, our chalk streams will continue to pay the price.

Southern Water are currently consulting on their water transfer and recycling plans. These measures are needed to protect Hampshire’s iconic chalk streams, but the plans need greater transparency and urgency.

WildFish (formerly known as Salmon & Trout Conservation) has submitted a response to Southern Water as part of the Hampshire Water Transfer and Water Recycling Project, and we encourage you to do the same.

Add you voice and respond to save Hampshire’s chalk streams.

read our response submit your response

 The deadline for feedback is Tuesday 16th August.

  • Ben Wrey
    11th August 2022

    Everything possible should be done to protect the unique complex of the Chalk Streams, so much of which lies in Hampshire.
    This is becoming truly urgent whilst waste and leakage continue.

  • Peter Fraser
    12th August 2022

    It is essential that ALL necessary steps are taken to preserve our rivers to prevent irreparable damage to them arising from the drought

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