WildFish campaign launches new directory of chefs and restaurants keeping open-net farmed salmon Off the table

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The Off the table campaign has launched a new online directory for chefs and restaurants who have committed to not serving open-net farmed salmon.

At the end of last year, we announced our new campaign, Off the Table, which calls on chefs and restaurants to take open-net farmed salmon off their menus.

From inception, the campaign has been met with a positive response from the hospitality sector, community groups and national and international NGOs. More than 50 environmental, sustainability and welfare concerned NGOs and community groups from across the globe have joined the campaign. These industry-leading groups are united in calling on chefs and restaurants to take open-net farmed salmon Off the table.

Today we are excited to launch an international directory of chefs and restaurants who have committed to doing just that.

Here in the UK, St John Restaurant in London and Michelin-starred Old Stamp House in Ambleside have both recently pledged support for the campaign, joining the likes of The Palmerston and Fhior in Edinburgh, Silo in Hackney and Tim Maddams, former Head Chef of River Cottage.

The impacts of open-net salmon farming aren’t just felt here in the UK. Around the world, there are substantial environmental, sustainability and welfare issues wherever open-net salmon farming is still permitted. From the lethal shooting of protected fur seals and use of underwater explosives by the industry in Tasmania, to the impact of fish farm waste (fish faeces, uneaten food and chemicals toxic to marine life) on Iceland’s iconic fjords; the fight is a global one.

Supporting Off the Table in Iceland is Óx, the second establishment in Iceland to receive a Michelin star in Iceland, and multi-award winning Head chef, Snædís Xyza Mae Jónsdóttir. They are joined by Omotenashi, a prestigious sushi restaurant in Tasmania, and Top Chef Masters finalist chef Kerry Heffernan’s Crew Restaurants in New York, among many others.

Booking a table? Follow the link below to use the new Off the table online directory to search for a restaurant or chef near you:

Visit the Directory
  • Julia Wigan
    29th August 2023

    Hi, A lot of restaurants with salmon on the menu and fishmongers claim their farmed salmon is OK because it is ‘Organic’. I am sure I saw something on your website about this being irrelevant and causing the same problems. Could you point me in the right direction to a link to the facts about so called organic farming? As a customer, I would like to point this out to them.

  • user1_immy
    4th September 2023

    Hi Julia, you can find out more here: https://offthetable.org.uk/get-the-facts/ – Please email us at info@wildfish.org if you can’t find the information you’re looking for. Thanks, Immy

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