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WildFish response to Norway river closures

On June 20 the Norwegian Environment Agency announced the closure of all salmon fishing in 33 of the country’s rivers, as a response to low salmon numbers due in part to man-made impacts including climate…
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The price of water is too low to protect our rivers – and has been for years

Today, Ofwat has delivered its draft determination setting out how water companies will fund and run their business for the nex...
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EA denial over decades-long failure to restore English rivers and lakes

WildFish fears that the Environment Agency (EA) is still in complete denial of its failings to meet the obligations of the Wate...
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WildFish applauds Wimbledon for its salmon-free menus

As Wimbledon 2024 gets underway, WildFish is pleased to note that none of the tournament’s menus include salmon. In June 202...
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Meet the team: Justin Neal

Justin joins the WildFish team as a solicitor and specialises in environmental law. Justin deals with water resource issues inc...
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The impact of unprecedented global temperatures on wild fish

Oceans are the hottest they have ever been recorded and warming faster than predicted. In this blog, our campaign researcher Da...
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Enforce the laws that already exist to protect wild fish.

WildFish calls on the next UK Government to save wild fish and their waters through three key asks:  Instruct the regulato...
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Working to protect wild fish

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Support like yours allows our determined campaigning team to fight the destruction caused by open-net salmon farming, pollution and over-abstraction

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The Crisis

Wild fish are facing their biggest challenge. Freshwater is in crisis and rivers are dying. The habit wild fish depend on is being destroyed before our eyes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reverse the decline of wild fish populations and their habitats.

The Team

Our dedicated team fight to protect wild fish and safeguard their habitats.

It’s time to take salmon off the menu.

Salmon has become one of the most popular dishes in restaurants and at home, but its popularity has come at a cost for the environment, fish welfare and the health of the planet. Join us and let’s take farmed salmon #Offthetable

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“The toxic pressures on our waterways have never been greater. Change has to come and WildFish are leading the way”

Matthew Wright