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Working to protect wild fish and their waters
Working to protect wild fish and their waters

2022 Fundraising Auction

Our annual Fundraising Auction is live online now! Visit the auction site between now and Sunday 25th September to bid on the wonderful selection of lots on offer.

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News & Insights

Meet the team

Earlier this year we welcomed Rachel to our team in Scotland. Rachel will have a strong focus on our campaign to ban open-net salmon farming in Scotland and work closely with our Director in Scotland…
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WildFish issues legal challenge to Government’s sewage plan

WildFish has issued a ‘letter before action’, the first step in potential judicial review proceedings, to the Government, as...

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Alarm bells continue to ring for wild salmon populations

The release of the 2021 report on the assessment of salmon stocks and fisheries for England and Wales makes for sobering rea...

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Salmon farms: in hot water

The recent heatwave has had devastating and wide-reaching impacts for habitats across the country, including in our coastal ...

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Chemical Pollution: The Silent Killer of UK Rivers

This blog discusses the new report from Wildfish, RSPB, Buglife and the Pesticide Collaboration called Chemical Pollution: T...

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New study shows English rivers exhibiting increased chemical stress and declining invertebrate diversity 

WildFish, RSPB, Buglife and The Pesticide Collaboration have released a new report: “Chemical Pollution: The Silent Killer o...

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Saving our wetlands by farming back

River-side land and naturally wet ground (farmed or unfarmed) should be viewed as the most precious land that we have both e...

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Working to protect wild fish

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Support like yours allows our determined campaigning team to fight the destruction caused by open-net salmon farming, pollution and over-abstraction

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The Crisis

Wild fish are facing their biggest challenge. Freshwater is in crisis and rivers are dying. The habit wild fish depend on is being destroyed before our eyes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reverse the decline of wild fish populations and their habitats.

The Team

Our dedicated team fight to protect wild fish and safeguard their habitats.


“The toxic pressures on our waterways have never been greater. Change has to come and WildFish are leading the way”

Matthew Wright