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Working to protect wild fish and their waters
Working to protect wild fish and their waters

Reversing the decline of wild fish populations

WildFish is the only independent charity in the UK campaigning for wild fish and their environment. We receive no government money and rely on the donations of our supporters.

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News & Insights

Saving our wetlands by farming back

River-side land and naturally wet ground (farmed or unfarmed) should be viewed as the most precious land that we have both ecologically and economically. It is urgent that we farm back from rivers so they…
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We either have a wild salmon crisis – or we don’t

Hopes were high amongst environmental groups and wild fish interests when Cabinet Secretary for the Rural Economy Fergus Ewi...

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Llandelio Poultry Unit Refused

It is unusual for national organisations to involve themselves with local disputes, but every once in a while it is imperati...

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Critical need for more water supply infrastructure to help protect Hampshire’s chalk streams

A Temporary Use Ban (formerly hosepipe ban) is being introduced for all Southern Water customers in Hampshire and the Isle O...

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A day in the life of… a SmartRivers volunteer

Earlier this year, we sent our Water Policy Officer, James Overington, out with a team of volunteers on the River Chess – ou...

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Government set out new plans to supposedly reduce water pollution

Yesterday (20th July 2022) the Government announced new plans to reduce water pollution by driving down nutrient pollution a...

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Uncovering population declines of Atlantic salmon on both sides of the channel  

Detailed study of Atlantic salmon shows that population declines seen in UK rivers are mirrored in France. Perhaps unsurpris...

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Working to protect wild fish

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Support like yours allows our determined campaigning team to fight the destruction caused by open-net salmon farming, pollution and over-abstraction

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The Crisis

Wild fish are facing their biggest challenge. Freshwater is in crisis and rivers are dying. The habit wild fish depend on is being destroyed before our eyes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reverse the decline of wild fish populations and their habitats.

The Team

Our dedicated team fight to protect wild fish and safeguard their habitats.


“The toxic pressures on our waterways have never been greater. Change has to come and WildFish are leading the way”

Matthew Wright