Sewage Pollution: the problem and what we’re doing about it

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Raw sewage enters our rivers through Combined Sewer Overflows which connect the sewage network directly to rivers.

Today, WildFish has published a new report on Sewage Pollution which explains the problem and what it is doing to prevent it. WildFish continues to challenge water companies and regulators to clean up their act.

As outlined in the report, untreated sewage is released into UK rivers, lakes and seas every day which harms water quality and wildlife. If this release is not the result of exceptional weather, it is illegal.

Raw sewage enters our rivers through Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) – pipes which connect the sewage network directly to rivers. Meant for use under exceptional weather conditions only, CSOs are increasingly discharging sewage after ‘normal’ rainfall or even during dry weather.

The water and sewerage companies responsible for CSOs have failed to invest in adequate infrastructure, including treatment works, to prevent sewage pollution.  The water industry itself is responsible for 36% of UK waterbodies failing to meet their health objectives.

WildFish has campaigned for improvements to the regulation of CSOs since 2022.

Our continued legal action has made clear what needs to happen. Ofwat must force water companies to invest in sewage treatment capacity and the Environment Agency must revise permits so that they reflect the law set in 1994.

Nick Measham

Chief Executive at WildFish

Follow the link below to read the new report on sewage pollution.

Sewage Pollution: the problem and what we're doing about it
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