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25% of freshwater species are at risk of extinction. Our work is vital to reversing this trend and funded entirely by the generosity of our supporters.

WildFish supporter, Robbie Hollis is running the 2024 London Marathon on Sunday 21 April to support WildFish and the vital work they do to protect wild fish and their waters.

Over 10% of our freshwater and wetland species are threatened with extinction and at least two-thirds are in decline. Evidence-led, WildFish campaign to enforce the regulations that protect freshwater and without which we risk losing these species altogether. Here’s what Robbie told us about why watery places and their wildlife are so important to him and the motivation behind his fundraising effort.

1. Rivers and their wildlife places are very important to you, why?

My happy place is always on the water. Whether it’s sea, river or lake it’s a place I find a calmness that I can’t get anywhere else. Time moves differently when it’s just you and nature spending time together.

2. Running the London Marathon is a real test of physical capability, how do you prepare for a challenge this this?

Training has been hard work! In the dark and the wind and rain it’s tempting to give up, but if a salmon can make the journey of a lifetime and come back to spawn year after year I can make it 26 miles!

3. What do you think is the biggest challenge facing wild fish and their waters?

Sadly there are too many to single out, but overall I’d have to say human impact. From fish farms devastating our Scottish coastline to raw untreated sewage being dumped into our rivers, lakes and streams there are so many struggles wild fish have to face. If we can help in any way we should – we can’t shy away from the issues any longer.

4. Why do you support WildFish?

Ive been supporting WildFish for a few years now and they don’t shy away from a fight. Whether it’s legal battles with the government or campaigning against the giants of the salmon farming industry WildFish tirelessly lobbies and campaigns for the plight of our native wild fish species. In a constantly changing landscape, WildFish stays true to its mission and consistently asks the tough questions that need to be answered.

5. Your favourite freshwater spot and why?

Its impossible to narrow this down to just one, but there’s nothing better than standing on a river bank as the sun is starting to set and watching the water flow past, keeping an eye out for any movement or ripple that might indicate a fish is coming up for a bite. The stillness of a summer’s evening contrasting with the movement of the water is a moment in time that you don’t get anywhere else.

WildFish is the only UK charity working independently to protect wild fish and is funded entirely by the generosity of its supporters which is why individual fundraising efforts like this one are so important.

Nick Measham

Chief executive at WildFish

If you can, please donate to support Robbie as he takes on 26 miles for our watery places.

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