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Earlier this year we welcomed Rachel to our team in Scotland. Rachel will have a strong focus on our campaign to ban open-net salmon farming in Scotland and work closely with our Director in Scotland Andrew-Graham Stewart. 

What was your background prior to joining WildFish?

I’ve spent the past five years in campaigning. During this time, I have called for improved environmental and social corporate practice across a wide range of industries including fashion, food, and carpet recycling! 

Most recently, I worked on a campaign to explore the detrimental impacts of using wild fish as feed in aquaculture. This included the salmon industry. 

I studied History at the University of Manchester and have a postgrad qualification in journalism. Before moving into campaigning, I worked in several media roles, including charity PR and as a researcher for UK current affairs publication, The Week. 

Tell us about your new role?

As Scotland’s Deputy Director, I’ll be supporting our advocacy work in Scotland. A significant area of focus is the environmental degradation caused by open-net salmon farming. In collaboration with other like-minded organisations, we will be calling for an end to this destructive industry. 

 I’ll also be working on a new campaign focused on the use of salmon in the hospitality sector. 

How will your role have a positive influence in wild fish conservation?

Open-net salmon farming has a hugely detrimental impact on wild fish and their habitats – from the spread of sea lice and disease to the environmental effects of the chemicals and antibiotics used on aquaculture farms. 

I hope that my role can support a much-needed move towards a more sustainable food system, which supports an abundant aquatic ecosystem.  

Your favourite freshwater species, and why?  

Would it be cliché to say wild Atlantic salmon?! 

Based in Scotland, I can see that the almost mythical image of abundant wild salmon flourishing in northern waters is sadly an outdated one (although it’s still often used in advertising). 

I hope that generations to come can enjoy the wonder of a species which travels thousands of miles, overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges, to return to our rivers. 

By: Rachel Mulrenan
Deputy Director, Scotland
Meet the team - Wildfish
  • John Hood
    16th September 2022

    I wish you every success with your campaigning and collaboration with the other like minded organisations. A very worthwhile venture which is long overdue.

  • David Plumpton
    2nd October 2022

    Hi Rachel

    I wish you every success in your role.

    Can I buy salmon farmed in a containment system yet? if so where?

    Many thanks


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